Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I pay? Top
The web site will ask your method of payment.
    You may choose...
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Check on Delivery
  • Credit Card through the web site Visa/Master Card/Discover/American Express
  • PayPal through the web site
  • BitCoin on the web site
  • Not Available Yet Credit Card swipe at delivery
  • Not Available Yet EBT, WIC, Bridge
For the safest transaction method we recommend using PayPal or BitCoin.
We are working to add Bridge Cards, EBT, WIC. We are working to add swipe at door for physical credit card transactions.
2. Why do I pay Michigan Bottle Deposit? Top operates deep inside Michigan. does not have any way to avoid paying bottle deposit when we source items to send out of the state of Michigan. This cost is shown separately on your invoices. Michigan charges 10 cents per container that contains carbonated beverages.
3. How is sales tax calculated? Top operates under sales tax laws in the State of Michigan. We are working to integrate sales tax collection shortly after our initial release. Sales tax in the Michigan area applies to general merchandise and food prepared for consumption at 6%.
Items shipped outside of Michigan are not charged tax. It is up to each consumer receiving taxable items in their state to report their own state tax during their annual filing. If a tax agency asks for records in a particular case we will turn over the requested records. Government inquiry has not happened in our operating history.
4. Do you accept EBT cards? Top
Also known as Bridge Cards, WIC, Electronic Food Stamps, S.N.A.P.
We have never accepted government assistance programs. We have sought to develop a relationship with government authorities to begin accepting these forms of payments. We continue to monitor developments in government programs.
We may have a mobile card reader work around in the future for E.B.T. swipe.
5. Do I have to tip? Top
We are satisfied with the amount you are paying in service fee to cover the cost of operations and employee wages. The driver is expected to refuse offers of tipping.

How it works

6. What is Value Center Market? Top
Value Center Market has grown into a 4 store chain in the Detroit Area since 1980. Locations are Livonia, Madison Heights, Waterford, and Clinton Township. This is a family owned business.Value Center Market specializes in bringing a small selection of ridiculously low priced items. These items are typically close-out deals direct in large volume from the manufacturer. features a number of these deals on our home page under "Best Buys".
Value Center Market has pharmacy and liquor. They do not sell tobacco.
Value Center has a full selection of produce items delivered 6 days a week. A limited number of organic items are available.Value Center Market has a full service deli. They currently feature "Boar's Head" meat/cheese.Value Center Market has an in-house butcher to produce cuts of meat wrapped in store.
7. What is the direct delivery zip codes for Top
Delivery days and times will grow as grows. We have the following arrangements for service areas and pricing.
These zip codes are considered our Neighboring Area. Multiple time slots are available every day of the week.
Delivery fee $10: 48326; 48007; 48009; 48012; 48015; 48017; 48030; 48034; 48037; 48067; 48068; 48069; 48071; 48072; 48073; 48075; 48076; 48083; 48084; 48085; 48086; 48088; 48089; 48090; 48091; 48092; 48093; 48098; 48099; 48220; 48237; 48301; 48304; 48310; 48311; 48312; 48397; 48070; 48303
These zip codes represent the North Area. Delivery options available 5 days per week.
Delivery fee $15: 48340; 48306; 48307; 48309; 48329; 48341; 48342; 48346; 48359; 48360; 48362; 48363; 48308; 48361
These zip codes represent the West North Area. Delivery options available 5 days per week.
Delivery fee $15: 48393; 48322; 48323; 48324; 48327; 48331; 48334; 48377; 48382; 48386; 48390; 48328; 48025; 48302
These zip codes represent the East North Area. Delivery options available 5 days per week.
Delivery fee $15: 48314; 48313; 48001; 48023; 48035; 48036; 48038; 48039; 48043; 48044; 48045; 48047; 48048; 48050; 48051; 48054; 48064; 48094; 48095; 48096; 48315; 48316; 48317; 48066
These zip codes represent our Detroit Area. Delivery options available 5 days per week.
Delivery fee $15: 48201; 48202; 48204; 48205; 48206; 48207; 48208; 48209; 48210; 48211; 48212; 48213; 48214; 48215; 48216; 48217; 48219; 48221; 48222; 48223; 48224; 48226; 48227; 48228; 48231; 48232; 48233; 48234; 48235; 48238; 48242; 48243; 48244; 48255; 48260; 48264; 48265; 48266; 48267; 48268; 48269; 48272; 48275; 48277; 48278; 48279; 48288; 48080
These zip codes represent of South West Area. Delivery options available 5 days per week.
Delivery fee $15: 48101; 48122; 48124; 48125; 48126; 48127; 48128; 48134; 48141; 48146; 48152; 48154; 48164; 48167; 48168; 48170; 48174; 48180; 48183; 48184; 48186; 48187; 48188; 48192; 48193; 48195; 48218; 48229; 48239; 48240
8. How fast can I get my order? Top services all areas at least 5 days a week. You can get your delivery the next day. You have up until Midnight to place an order for next day delivery. is working to allow same-day delivery. There will be a $20 additional expedited delivery fee when this service becomes available.
You can also schedule your delivery up to 4 weeks out.
You can get more information at
9. What is the business history of Top
The concept of selling groceries on-line is a simple idea conceived as a college class project in 1997. The life-long pursuit to execute this business model started at that time.
The 1st development of an eCommerce platform allowed people to order Vernors brand ginger ale from in 1998. This web site continues to this day as sister company to has processed close to 20,000 orders.
In 1999 began selling grocery products and delivered the 1st order.
In 2006 the last version of was released and has executed over 69,000 orders to date.
In 2015 began development of The new corporation is acquiring all assets of and closing the books on any outstanding liabilities at LLC. The web site is programmed on a Magento e-commerce platform. This allows the web site to run on all devices and operating systems.
In 2015 acquired the business. Upon bringing this business online we expanded the delivery area and delivery days. seeks to retire the and web site upon successful launch of operations.
10. How do you substitute? Top gathers your order data and attempts to find the exact item you ordered. We verify the accuracy of your order by scanning the bar code of each product. When we don't have an exact bar code match you will get a record of the substituted item. The receipt that comes with your order clearly states the items that you ordered, the items that are delivered, and notes regarding the substitution. order pickers are very knowledgeable about your needs. For instance a customer selecting many sugar-free items will get a similar sugar-free item.
In the event we just can't find a good substitute the driver may offer 2 alternatives upon delivery. The customer may choose an alternate item of decline the substitution. Any items declined will be removed from the order's total before the order is settled after delivery. When we substitute an item of greater value/price we will not ask the customer to pay the increased amount. Your order's total will not exceed the amount you are asked to pay during the original checkout at
This may change in the future when we begin processing actual weights of weighed items. does not call customer's to get a input on substitution. We are trying to run the most efficient business to pass along the saving to all our customers.
If you are ordering just one item, we know that is the exact item you need. We will not substitute in these cases.
11. Do you take orders over the phone? Top
We don't apologize for this.
We spent a lot of money and time making a great web site. You can use our website from your smart phone, tablet, pc, and Mac.
Taking an order over the phone may take an hour. This time costs money and takes away service time for other customers efficiently using the for order placement.
Family members can input orders on your behalf.
In the U.S. we can not pay a telephone operator a wage low enough to make phone orders possible.
12. Do you ship freight quantity? Top
This is not our focus at
However we have shipped palatalized orders. We have a loading dock for large pickups. We have the ability to source large quantities.
We require a good-faith deposit for customers interested in quotes for container size.
We prefer shipping freight on buyer. You can use your own shipping courier.
Full payment is expected at time of pickup.